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Calling all photo editing enthusiasts and graphic designers! The popular Photopea app has recently received a highly anticipated update, packed with a plethora of exciting features and enhancements.


  1. Advanced Editing Tools
    The update introduces a range of advanced editing tools, enabling users to achieve even greater precision and creativity in their projects. From enhanced selection tools to improved retouching capabilities, every aspect of the editing process has been refined. Users can now easily remove unwanted elements, adjust colors with greater accuracy, and apply intricate effects, all with the utmost control and finesse.
  2. Expanded File Format Support
    Photopea's commitment to versatility is further exemplified by the expanded file format support in this update. Users can now import and export a wider range of file formats, making it easier to work with various types of images and seamlessly integrate Photopea into existing workflows. Whether you're working with RAW files, vector graphics, or layered PSD documents, Photopea has got you covered.